On dealing with the unexpected

abstract-110985_640Two events that have happened lately to remind me of dealing with the unexpected.

Event the first, we are standing on stage in front of the judges and audience. We’ve started our class.

Back up a step. At GLLA, the class/demo is 10 minutes long and given in front of the judges, who sit up front, and an audience – aka, the shark tank. Once you are done with the class, the floor is opened for questions. This is where the sharks can come out, if you’ve not won over the audience. The times I’ve watched these classes given, it has gone well… and bad.

So fast forward to our recent contest. We think we’re going to give our class to just the judges, but there are only 3 contestants. Guess whose class just became part of the evening’s entertainment? Yup… ours. We found out a week before the contest, so that gave us time to prepare. We feared the worst. Giving what is essentially a relationship class to an audience that might have been drinking for a couple of hours and might not want to hear two straight people talk about dealing with the ups and downs of a long term relationship.

We threw in a bit of humor, a bit of pantomime and prayed for the best…

… except that having practiced to where we knew when to segue to each other, during the contest on stage, I said the magic key words, looked at my lovely slave in the full leather corset and dress… and she looked dreamily at me and said nothing, just smiled at me and looked at me as if I was the most interesting thing in the universe.

Time slowed down… stood still and I felt like I was screaming when I whispered a queue line to her … “Illness”… (we were talking about the causes of a relationship to hit an “ebb”.)

Later… after having an after-class, private meltdown (“CRAP! We just tanked and we’re going to lose again!”) and that proving not the case, I found why she was missing her lines. Apparently having the corset so tightly cinched threw her into subspace… a most unexpected subspace!

(Note to self – ALWAYS practice your on-stage activities in the outfits you’re going to wear.)

Event the second… two days after the contest and the wonderful weekend, we had a family event of titanic proportions that will reverberate for a long time to come. Years. It was that significant. Our granddaughter was coming back to live with us and this time we knew it would be a permanent thing – there is no going back and there will be no way she’ll get to live with our daughter.

So many things get changed in an instant, it’s almost impossible to realize. So many plans that now are radically changed. Our living space has to change, with the need for a fourth bedroom out of a three bedroom home. Our ability to just come and go at a moment’s notice – gone. The issues that we’ll deal with in raising our granddaughter with her challenges and disabilities are many-fold.

In both of these unexpected events, lessons to be learned. Whether innocent and funny, or sad and life-altering, they serve to remind her and I that at the end of the day, we have to lean on each other, depend on the yin-yang of each other and get through what life throws at us.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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