On a Moment in M/s

A green leaf“These succession of moments are the essence of our life as Master and slave, as simple and beautiful as that leaf suspended in mid-air at 70 miles an hour on a motorcycle ride.”

I used those words in August in a speech I gave at GLLA during the Master/slave contest. 90 to 120 seconds is not a lot of time to express deep thoughts, but I gave it my best shot. My speech centered around my continuing and deepening spiritual view on M/s and the bond that forms between a Master and slave.

Guy Baldwin, in “Slavecraft” talks about the bond of respect & affection that he sees in Master/slave relationships. He writes about them with such feeling that I almost find my mind’s voice reading them in a “hush” … a “whisper”. How else to honor and take in such powerful feelings?

Yes, this is relevant, bear with me just a moment…

Slave angie and I taught a class last Friday on Service in 24/7 relationships. There was a very surreal moment that I’ve chewed on for awhile, and while there is no “rational” explanation, I’m going to simply put that I believe that the ability to “feel” that bond can be as simple as an open heart and mind to the moments… or just be surprised by the sudden enlightenment.

So we are discussing some aspect of how service has changed during being together for awhile… and time slowed to a crawl.

If I could describe the energy and the connection that I saw/felt in that slow moment, I would, but words aren’t going to get it. All I can say for sure is that in that one moment, that bond that Guy talks about was as visible as the computer screen that I see these words now. The bond formed over a lot of life together, a lot of shared experiences, tears, laughter, joy, pain, ecstasy… and all of the ups and downs that we’ve journeyed through.

The feeling was of affection, of love – but it wasn’t a romantic love, or a love that comes from time shared with someone – this had the feeling of something that we describe as “bigger than ourselves.”

… and then angie was speaking and someone in the audience was asking another question and time moved on.

I’ve been doing a lot of deep diving into my beliefs of spirituality. For me, belief and spirituality have been difficult processes. The closest thing that “feels” right is Buddhism, but not the Buddhism that is wrapped in religion, but rather the teachings and the self discovery that is possible from the teachings of the Buddha. I’m still finding out if this is the path for me.

If that brief vision fits enlightenment or a taste of enlightenment… insert a Keaneau Reeves “Whoa” right here. Because momma, that was one helluva amazing look.

The leaf suspending in mid-air – so close I could see it’s veins – and yet I’m screaming by at 70mph on the highway… and the moment closes. On to the next moment, with open mind and open heart.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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