Leather Reign Nov 2013 – Seattle

Enjoying the sights of the ocean and aquarium

(angie’s thoughts) Arriving at the airport we were greeted by Master Brian and slave mel. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this event but i was very glad to have a chance to visit Seattle and meet a lot of new people, Class schedules were perfect for allowing us down time to get to see the aquarium and a few sights.

Out of the three classes i was very glad to hear the luncheon discussion on kink & disability within the community. Seemed to be a relatively new topic for the group with a lot of very good information to share.

Representing Great Lakes is SEWIOUS BIZZNESS!

(Michael’s thoughts) I was looking forward to Leather Reign since I’d heard about it at Master/slave Conference and GLLA. It had a great reputation for Master/slave topics and “vibe”, like MsC and South Plains Leatherfest have. I wasn’t disappointed. From the moment we got there, we felt “at home” with the warmth and welcome.

The highlights for me were visiting the Seattle Aquarium and the 3 hour class with Master Skip Chasey/slave rick and Master Jim/slave marsha. The Aquarium was on a recommendation from Ruin (ICBB 2012). Angie and I like to visit at least one place outside of an event, especially if it’s in a town we don’t visit so much. It was wonderful, the jelly fish were fascinating and I loved the “petting zoo” of starfish and urchins. The 3 hour M/s class was a wonderful experiment by Master Skip and Master Jim. I loved it and I hope to replicate the concept (with both their blessings, thank you!) at a Midwest event, perhaps Power eXchange Summit this coming June.

And, shockingly… we got to use the dungeon!

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