Tenth Anniversary Collaring

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Master had told me about the collar that He was buying for our tenth and I knew it was coming. I was so excited, I dreamt about it. I had requested Him to consider if I could have a Tree of Life pendant on it, because to me, it represents my roots of being in service to Him. I’m Irish, so it just brought everything full circle back to Him. I didn’t know if He would select it or what He would select, so I was excited about the surprise. I was nervous as well because this would be the boldest statement yet as to my position, very obvious, even to the vanilla world.

The ceremony was private. I was very worried that I wouldn’t have the right words to say, and I practiced what I was going to say for a week. When I actually said what I wanted to say, it sounded so little. When it was going on, my head swam. I was so happy. It meant so much to me, same kind of excitement as when I was first collared by Him. I had to go look in the mirror to see it. 🙂

A couple of weeks later, I love the sound it makes with the pendant, it’s comforting. I know all the time it’s there.

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