Four weeks of travel

The past four weeks have been a blur of travel! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Southwest Leather Conference

This conference was nothing short of amazing. What a wonderful connection with old and new friends. When they say this is the woo conference it’s true in every way.


Madtown Kinkfest

I was not sure what to expect at this event being mostly non-leather kink and play event. The energy and spirit was very welcoming and it was great to teach a few classes and let out hair down a bit.


Indianapolis Master and slave – Beat My Valentine

IMAs BMV was a little bit of a blur at this point of our 4 weeks of travel. A bit tired we had spent most of our time teaching and then after a wonderful dinner with Ms. Kendra and slave Garrett we snuggled into our room for a bit of connection and down time together. Our hearts and minds were with Sir Greg and Aaron after Aaron’s horrific accident we stopped and visited them at the hospital on our way home.

(Master Michael’s note – the boot picture is of one of the seven deadly sins according to the bootblack bible… salt on the boots. There was much wailing and crying by slave angie until she fixed them.)


Illinois Leather/Fetish Pride Weekend

Coming home to Chicago, it’s been a long road to the step down. Surrounded by family this was exactly what was needed for the beginning of the hiatus from travel and events to begin our prep.  Watching the excitement of newly sashed M/s couple (and other Illinois titleholders) filled my heart. 


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