[M/s 365] – On being multifaceted as a slave

cracked-diamond-1391540681ogFA conversation – somewhat summarized and smooshed from past discussions and one we had today…

angie: the first thing that i thought about this morning was “duality” – is it really duality if you are a multifacited person?

Michael: (Googling definitions) Duality is defined as the quality or condition of being dual. It also means an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. “the photographs capitalize on the dualities of light and dark, stillness and movement”

Michael: Multifacted is defined as having many facets. “the play of light on the diamond’s multifaceted surface”

angie: is it bad to be multifaceted if you are M/s ?

Michael: What do you see as yourself being multifaceted? Or.. how are you multifaceted?

angie: slave/bootblack/masochist/mother/friend … etc

Michael: What are you at the core?

angie: me/myself

Michael: and what of that list above do you see as the core you/yourself?

angie: so you want me to pick one … why ?

Michael: Because I see many of those things are either hats you wear, or things you do. One of those things, though, I see as your core. Do you?

angie: if i say slave am i less any of the others ? Does my “core” have to be only one ? why ?

Michael: No. Am I any less of a man, or a Father, or a good Top, or a biker, because I see myself as a Master at the core of who I am?

angie: awe 🙂 i love this conversation

Michael: So, what do you see yourself as at the core?

angie: your slave 🙂 it “supports” me to be and do the others

Michael: Those other things, when we play puppy/handler, or when we touch on the nurturing Daddy/girl, or when I top you, or when you have to be a mother to the kids or grandkids, or you’re at the bar blacking, those are the things you do, or reflections of your core. But you are my slave, and that is always there.

Michael: So, yes, you are multifaceted. But that diamond… the stuff that those facets are shaped from… that is you as a slave.

angie: yes

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