[M/s 365] Under pressure


We woke this morning to find out our sewer was backing up into the basement. Oh the joys of home ownership. Any flush or running the tap immediately flooded into our basement. This meant several things, no potty, no washing and no cooking. So now the stress of the unknown cost of fixing this problem starts to sink into Master who usually always heads to “this is what the worst case scenario will most likely be” Here is where the eternal optimist buts up against “the sky is falling!” pragmatic Master. After 10 years together we have learned the skillful art of talking each other down off the proverbial doomsday ledges. It’s not always pretty but at the end of the day we find a way to work it out. So i pretended like we were camping, we had something to eat for diner and the plumber will be here in the morning but we will got to bed with a touch and go bath.

(Edited by Master Michael a few minutes later to add this conversation…)

Me: So how do we work it out?

Slave: Uhhh.. it depends.

Me: On what?

Slave: On what’s going on, how we feel about it, what’s involved – sometimes emotions are involved, sometimes we dance delicately, sometimes we ram into each other.

Me: The bloody foreheads. I think you’ve learned to compensate and translate and speak to how I need things very well. I’m very proud of you for doing that.

Slave: *smile* How do you do it for me? How do you compensate?

Me: I think I’ve learned to be better about controlling my fears and explain when I need to vent. If I’m not flying off the handle, you anchor to me.

Slave: So who was anchoring who today?

Me: I was seeing dollars add up in my head, so I needed you to remind me it might not be so bad. And I’m glad you have a plumber in the family…

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