[M/s 365] Three things we love about teaching Slave positions

statue-of-the-goddessslave angie: We finished teaching our Slave Positions class to CIPEX earlier today. We love teaching this class. I love it because it is sexy fun with Master. I like seeing people have a good time. And it brings me in focus with Master, focus on Him.

Master Michael: I love teaching this class because it shares both something accessible to a lot of people across the kink/BDSM spectrum and demonstrate our example of what a good Master/slave dynamic looks like to us. I get to have people shape their bodies and energies to my will, or see a Top/bottom do that – it becomes a work of art. The human body is sexy when people feel they are sexy and I love showing the possibilities, no matter how much or little a person can bend and kneel.

2 thoughts on “[M/s 365] Three things we love about teaching Slave positions”

  1. Thank you both for your presentation today. It was a real pleasure to listen and learn from you both. I also enjoyed watching you interact together. It’s good to see different M/s styles.


    CIPEX member


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