[M/s 365] Random thoughts from today…

A lot going on today and tomorrow as we meet up with a dear friend for dinner, go over to Touché to support Master Bear Abbott in his fundraising, and then drive down to Indianapolis tomorrow to attend the Indiana Leather contests. Then Sunday evening is another dinner with a dear friend to learn some new things. We are very blessed to have wonderful friends who’ve opened their hearts and our eyes.

It is very strange to have been so touched by someone I’ve never met. The class we’re teaching at Northwest Leather Celebration, on how leather and leather archetypes have affected our M/s relationship, was created at the subtle urging of Ms. Margaret – the producer of NWLC. It only took a few emails for her to work her magic. What is heavy in my heart is that she has been very ill for awhile now and as of a couple of hours ago, a sad Facebook posting by her slave Erich that Ms. Margaret will be journeying on. My heart is very heavy, especially for having never met this woman and yet I will be teaching this class because of her.

I think I will be squeezing my slave even harder tonight. I know we’re definitely riding down to our dinner and to Touché. Cigars and motorcycles…

Never wait to tell someone how you feel about them… or how they touched your life. We are all mortal and too soon, we are not here anymore.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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