[M/s 365] Skidding in sideways

slave angie: Super busy weekend with 4 events in one weekend and just now home. Brain dead and can’t seem to get find 2 brain cells to rub together to make a coherent post but feeling blessed. Couldn’t count with both mine and Master’s hands the number of friends i was happy to see.

Master Michael: We had quite the weekend, on top of all the fun that slave angie mentioned, we also had some interesting windshield time conversations. On the way there – a tough/rough conversation to get through to Indy, sometimes conversations are tough, and even tougher when my Aspie gets in the way. We managed to get through it, but it didn’t set well with either of us. So, we took the time after we arrived in Indianapolis to recenter, refocus and learn from the tough discussion.

Compare that to the trip home, where the conversation ranged from slave angie’s sexual identity, to me being able to explain the range of what I connect with on an S/m, sexual and energy level.

Both conversations were good in their own way.

So we’ll post this now, as we’re brain dead and dead tired.


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