[M/s 365] Next ?


During a conversation late last night driving home i listened for a while as Master talked about his plans and thoughts on becoming an educator and what kind of training and why. A very detailed and passionate plan and hopes were laid out and at the end Master said to me “you’re very quiet ?” I explained i was very interested and intent on listening to all his ideas and words. The second question threw me a bit. ” What would you want for yourself, what would you like to do for yourself ?”  I didn’t have any other answer in my head other than, am i not doing it already ? What did it mean at that moment i didn’t have any other ideas except i am perfectly happy and content right here ? Still not sure but i would like to think i must be right where i need to be right now. I’ve lived 45 years as sonic the hedgehog at warp speed and still looked 10 more miles down the road. I think i’d like to stop here a bit and lay in the grass and feel the sunshine a while. (when that all gets here to Chicago)


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