[M/s 365] Leaning on each other

rope-on-postslave angie: When one leans we both lean on each other. We circle our wagons together. Today it was about being there for each other and getting things done. The stresses of pulling all the threads together on a bunch of projects at once has really worn us out. Opting for staying in tonight instead of going to see a movie we worked on our projects together side by side at the dinner table.

Master Michael: It has been a rough couple of days. My Aspergers has been full bore with work stresses and life stresses. It could be a cycle as well, but whatever the reason, the past couple of days have been pretty tough. We talk, we talk some more, we work together and apply a liberal amount of understanding and forgiveness. Tonight was just a quiet night, slave angie putting the final touches on a club colors presentation and I’m working on an arts Leather Pride box for our GLLA title-family Ms. Watching Agents of SHIELD together and just enjoying some together time. Sometimes the simplest options are the best.

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