[M/s 365] The Interplanetary Master/slave contest

2014 Winter MTKF-350

 I have to say that one of our blessings is that we always seem to be able to make the other smile when we are down or just plain know how to have a good time together.  Connected at the hip or well, anything else *smiles*

Master and i have created a new contest and title. I know Master Jim, slave marsha & Sir Cougar will be so proud. Master has named it “Interplanetary Master/slave” and it happened like this:

angie: (talking about mice in the house) i’m done with them now !!!!!

M:  well, then we need to go live on the moon, honies.

angie: ok, moon it is

M: might make our travel plans a bit more expen$ive

angie:  they gotta have M/s on the moon right ?

Mo_O  yes, the rovers and moon probes left behind have formed a little M/s colony LOL

angie: I knew it !! Marsha, Jim & Cougar will be so proud

M:  Yes, I guess we can start a new title … “Interplanetary Master/slave”

angie:  **snort**

M: Problem is, the damn Jupiter and Saturn M/s contestants are always so big and gassy…

angie:  😮 LMAO !!

M:  I love you that you got that (reference to gas giants)

angie: ❤ yes i do love your sense of humor and you know how to make me laugh

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