[M/s 365] “But you took a knee…”

So all the titleholders were called the stage at IMsL, and there were a bunch of them. So much so that the line started wrapping around the end and the photography lineup was going to look odd. So, I walked to the front, next to where the other bootblacks and others were kneeling, and I took a knee. No big deal – the Aspie in me saw a need, saw the fact of what had to be done to make this a good lineup, and I did what was needed. My slave was next to me, kneeling and her hand rested on my leg that was holding me up.

Several times this weekend, I’ve heard surprised comments about me taking a knee and I was puzzled. Then one of the people who made the comment said “I’d never seen a Master do something like that before.”

One of the things that I was taught as a kinkling was you did what had to be done. It wasn’t about ego. It wasn’t about my role. I didn’t suddenly toss my cover aside, move my flags to the right and roll up my sleeves and jean legs. It was what had to be done.

If there’s one thing I could pass on from this experience, it’s that we are all in service or a part of something bigger. I’m in service to the relationship structure and the “bigger whole” of our relationship. There’s a bigger purpose on that stage, to be in harmony and me taking a knee only makes sure that greater whole goes more smoothly.

I am glad I learned that lesson from my elders and mentors… I pick up the trash, I clean up things, I do what needs to be done at events and I take a knee when the greater whole calls for it.

And my flag is still on the left and I still wear my cover.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

3 thoughts on “[M/s 365] “But you took a knee…””

  1. Yep, yep! We’ve even been “slave fire” when there was need. Our only complaint was that the floor gets hard after a few days. LOL


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