[M/s 365] ImsL



Super excited to have been here to meet our new IMsl 2014 Patty and Dara. I have no doubt they both are going to have a wonderful year.

This first day home from IMsL has been epic drop for Master and myself and trying to pick back up our routine was a tiny bit rough. This is rare for us these days when we spend so much time traveling on the road event to event. We had missed each other the entire day and spent most of it on IM.

Bringing sexy back was this years theme. I couldn’t help feeling amazing energy from all the hot and sexy women. Opening up and having Comfort with my own sexuality has never been a long road and wasnt very easy for me but i still have fun trying, Master makes sure of it.

Having time with my Bootblack friends on this trip was so welcomed even though i still haven’t participated in booking event chair time since our M/s title run began. There are many times i start to feel on the outside, no longer feeling on the outside even though i know this is not the case. There were many moments that have left amazing impressions on my heart this weekend and time with my twin Bella. I am so proud of her in the way she has held herself and title year and so grateful for her in my life.




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