[M/s 365] Tiny slices of time


This is one of those times when i type out title, spend about an hour searching for the correct pic to add to the top of the post and then i stare at it for about an additional hour or in this case two. From previous blogging days way back to Livejournal i had realized that if i didn’t take the time to get to know that person the little snippets of posts after time became my view.  That made me entirely self conscious of what i would write at all. Why? Because i didn’t want to be defined or viewed only from the times i would go there and vent. At one particularly rough patch for master and i, i hid an entire moths of venting. I know it showed we were working thru things but i never wanted those tiny slices of time to reflect badly on our whole lives together. (for the 5 whole people that maybe read it)

So here we are at the end of the day which thank goodness was much improved from yesterday but now tired and spent from it and possibly getting a little cranky because there’s more to do, but again we remember it’s just a tiny slice of time and not the sum total of it.



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