[M/s 365] Throwback Thursday – Thunder in the Mountains 2007

slave angie: Thunder in the Mountains 2007 was an amazing event for Master and I. This break was just what we needed to connect with each other in our Master/slave spaces. Being my first big kink event i was wide eyed to say the least.


Master Michael: It was one of those magical weekends that we still talk about 7 years later. The energy was amazing, we learned tons from the classes and our play brought us back together in an intimate way. It really set the stage for getting us out of a long ebb (or rut) and stepping up our relationship. This is one of our favorite pictures from that event.

And if you’re curious – Thunder in the Mountains 2014. We can’t make it this year, but hopefully 2015?



One thought on “[M/s 365] Throwback Thursday – Thunder in the Mountains 2007”

  1. This is probably my all-time favorite picture of slave angie. I love it! And, we’re trying to figure out how we might get out there in 2015, too.


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