[M/s 365] The Leather Family and the femme


The weekend for me was full of many blessings. I’m reminded again how Lucky i am to have wonderful friends in 0ur Leather family. As a femme bootblack whose location of choice to black since losing my chair at LRA when they closed is at our Leather Bar. I haven’t had a lot of hardships too often except for the shoulder shoves which isn’t all that uncommon for me when not standing next to Master, usually always by people we do not know. Being used to it at 5′ 3″ i can still hold my footing.  ‘The last bar night before this last friday i didn’t happen to be so lucky. Shoved over kit in hand i went backwards into someone and then was shoved back with a barstool. I was a bit shocked and didn’t say anything and kept walking out the door. This past friday night driving in i found myself increasingly anxious. I was nervous to go back into the back of the bar again. That evening i found myself never alone and surrounded by one person after another sent back to make sure i was ok,  That is the feeling i carry along with me any time i think i might not measure up.

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