[M/s 365] Calmer waters



Master and I love to use water and ocean metaphors when we are talking about our M/s flow together or when we describe how we make it through tough times. My love of the ocean and all in it makes that easy. My favorite trip we’ve taken together so far has been to Maine to take the charter on the waters to see the whales. We had gotten lucky that day to have seen an amazing number of right whales as well as a real live bait ball on the surface, I still close my eyes and dream of that trip when i need to find peace inside during tough times or just to center. The past two weeks i have dreamt of that trip a lot.

The past few days Master has posted about the flooding that we have experienced in our basement. Even pushed to exhaustion and a driveway filled with loss we somehow know we will come through. We are coming down to the wire before boarding another flight tomorrow for Northwest Leather Celebration of what needs to get done and what we are capable of getting done. We’re certainly ready for calmer waters. Still through it all i can’t help feeling the blessing of having each other in our place.

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