[M/s 365] Our Northwest family

Here at #NWLC2014 – Northwest Leather Celebration. Our first M/s regional event since Southplains Leatherfest in March, when we started this fun little journey. It’s been a wonderful weekend of seeing familiar faces, getting a chance to chat with friends and make new friends. Ms. Kendra, our Great Lakes Leather Alliance producer, and Master Jim, our International M/s & Southplains Leatherfest producer, are both here, as are the producers of Southeast Leather Fest(Lady Catherine) and Master/slave Conference (Northeast, Master Taino). The mood has some bittersweetness to it, as folks are mourning the passing of Ms. Margaret, who used to produce Northwest.

We’ve also met almost all of the couples running for the Northwest Leather Master/slave title. They will be filling some big shoes, as we’ve gotten to know and love Master Brian and slave mel, who’ve represented the Northwest region with class and a wonderful heart. I’ve seen huge smiles on their faces this weekend, as they are “home” with their NW family. I feel very lucky to be witness to that sort of feeling/emotions … it’s those kinds of exchanges that make doing all this worth it – to see and be a part of what can be a very loving and wonderful community.

Tomorrow we teach a class for the first time, so us being behind schedule with our flooding and power issues, we’re busy getting it ready, mixing that in with hanging out and… oddly enough, being fascinated watching planes land at San Jose airport. Yep, flew over 2,000 miles to go to a kink/leather event so we could watch planes land. And have champagne and chocolates from the Exiles in SF. It’s been a fun weekend so far.

The bright lights over there is San Jose airport. We must be very tired to be having fun watching airplanes land.

We met some folks tonight for whom this was their first event. They’ve been living kinky for many years, had some connections online, but had never seen a room full of people living and doing the things we do. Once again, I’m reminded how privileged and lucky we are for being able to be as out as we can be, even though there are still risks to doing what we do and being who we are. There are tons of folks who live authority-transfer or power-exchange relationships and never give us “perverts” a second thought, or who just don’t know. I’m glad they came, and I hope they take away the best of us, the fellowship, the sharing, the excitement and appreciation for the things that are wonderful about our little niche of a subculture.

Now, since we’re really such kinky folks, at 9:30pm, we’re going to put on the comfies and give our class one more look-see and catch up on sleep – which at this point, feels about as decadent as chocolate and champagne!

Tired. Happy. Tired.
Tired. Happy. Tired.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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