[M/s 365] 6 days of IML



As the 6 days of Leather holy week in Chicago IML comes to a close for Master and i there is just so much to process even now as i write out a quick post the thoughts and processing all the emotions is so much but pure exhaustion is winning out.

Home has become, as my twin put it yesterday, a “crash landing pad” and i will have 4 short days to catch up on chores, clean up IML clothing and messes then pack to head out to Power Exchange Summit this coming weekend. There are a few times this past week that if i stopped to think about it rather than pick up my feet and just move forward i would develop a permanent case of crazy face.


So, we crash tonight, we have three days to rest/recover and be together. We’ll have some windshield time on Friday as we drive to PXS, which will be a nice ride, but we’ll get there and we’ll get through it. There is a lot going on right now, that if we didn’t have each other, or didn’t have help from friends, or support, it would be too much, too overwhelming. Family related stuff, house/flood related stuff (still), trying to pull various threads together, and on, and on… but we’re going to center ourselves for even a moment, and feel each other, and be with each other.


As we were asked by a friend recently “how do you do it all?” Master had answered, “sometimes we don’t get it all”  i think it’s ok to say that, that there are sacrifices made and it’s ok. We get through what we need to together and there is never a doubt.


Like anything else, it’s prioritizing and understanding the sacrifices. We’ve felt the pressure now, with the schedule and the events, and coming to rely more on the small rituals, even if it’s just a quick connection, like the one on Saturday at the bootblack stand.

So, onward.


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