[M/s 365] Thoughts from Power eXchange Summit 2014

slave angie: Catch up is the name of the game today.  So many great things about PXS i would love to put down here. Problem at the moment is this vise grip the dang sick has on my head, I know i will have a much better time putting it all together later.

Master Michael: Both of us are just wiped out. We presented on two subjects, led a panel on a third, angie fought a sinus/ear infection and strep throat and I just pulled double duty for a number of things. But it was worth it. I loved PXS for one big thing… that the attendees were so engaged, that they were coming up and asking more questions and more questions and we would have long discussions during the event to continue the sharing. I’ve never quite went through that at an event, and I think the intimacy and small size of PXS lent itself to that.

Today, I had angie on rest mode today, so she can get over the things that hit her. I’ve been helping out where I can, but I’ve been pretty stupid-tired too. She made a great dinner and on that note, we are off to bed. Again. Sleep.


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