[M/s 365] Gratitude



One of my very favorite rituals i have with Master is that at the end of the day laying in bed we will go back and forth for a few minutes taking turns talking about what we are grateful for that day. Even the smallest positive thought that happened. In the day to day stresses sometimes we lose site of the positive and priorities when a negative life stress hits. I am absolutely guilty of letting that take over sometimes and color my thoughts and behaviors in my place as slave. It just works for me to bring the positive up front.

Today i’m grateful for the time with Master to putter around the house and then shopping trip out to pick up a gift and things for a party here tomorrow. I’m grateful for feeling some of my energy back from being sick. Lastly long deep lingering kisses with Master this afternoon.

From Master: Grateful for time together this weekend and early to bed.


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