[M/s 365] Connecting

I love these times when even though things are not the easiest we work together and struggles seem to fall into place on the other side of it all. I feel accomplished and grounded in my stride today even in questioning and corrections from Master which usually are not my most graceful moments.


To put words to how the mind shift happens is a difficult one for me. Master is much better in the written word and social media arena then me. I really am ok with that too.

The best description i could give i guess would be letting go and surrendering to Master’s will. Sounds easier said than done some days but when i feel those moments it just happens. These are very hard places to describe and the words start to wander and it feels like a sing song paragraph when i try and write about it. How can you put words into the blissful feeling of surrender ?

We head off to South East Leather Fest 19 tomorrow in Atlanta. I’m very excited to see new things and connect with our community friends.






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