[M/s 365] Minute mentoring with a slave’s voice

At SELF i had the wonderful opportunity to fill in at a minute mentor round table discussion. At first it seems scary to me because I didn’t know what I’m going to talk about or say. Its that lovely feeling  when self doubt creeps in that I would not have something to worthwhile to contribute. One of the main questions Catherine asked us to answer was for all of us to to tell the group something the others might not know about us.



What I said was that sometimes I don’t feel the value of my own voice or that I have something to say. A lot of others agreed that was a scary thing to them to and shared their stories of finding their own voice. A funny story I do like to share where I was in a meeting and asked the same question 4 times, nobody would listen or answer so in frustration, I threw my popcorn at the meeting organizer.

Although all our journeys are not the same there was a very common thread of all of us talking about wanting to find places we feel at home and excepted. Event to event it seems we all are seeking out the friendships with those that can speak or understand the languages we speak.

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