[M/s 365] Post Pride drop and slaves voting

Right now, we’re in between two serious storms hitting the Midwest and Chicago, so this will be short, quick and to the point. We both are having post-Pride drop (or as Laura Antoniou wrote “Such sunburn. So glittery” about watching post-Pride Monday blues) – tired, achy, but happy. We’re also both talking a lot about the SCOTUS decision regarding Hobby Lobby and healthcare. If you look at either of our Facebook profiles (or the picture I’m going to post below), you’ll get a feeling of what we think of the decision.

What I wanted to write about was how we define our M/s relationship with regards to political decisions, or even decisions relating to when the slave may hold a leadership position.

I don’t run my M/s relationship as “Owner/property” (my simple analogy to how I define O/p is that my relationship with property would be similar to how I own my motorcycle. If that makes you hard/wet, I’ll give you a moment… )

I run my M/s relationship as a human being who has agreed to surrender to my authority, and I see her as a human being and not a motorcycle. To that end, she has her beliefs, she has her heart and she has her voice. I value her and who she is. That’s why she wears my collar, she earned it by being who she is and how we click together.

So to that end, I let slave angie vote as she wants. Politically, we are very much in sync. We have a lot of discussions around politics and while we may come at it from different angles, we agree quite a bit. I can’t think of a major election in the past 10 years that we haven’t agreed upon the issues or candidates. At the end of the day, if she and I disagreed on the vote – this is such an outlier situation that it’s almost the same as “arm chopping mass murder orders” – but let’s explore that for just a minute. Angie and I just finished a discussion about this, so I’m going to meld that discussion into this post.

I view the exercise of political decision making by voting as a right to any American – no matter what relationship dynamic they are in. I put my life on the line for that right, and it’s one I feel strongly about. Angie reminded me that I’m the one that got her started on voting in the first place – she never had before we got together. During our discussion, she indicated tonight that if I were to tell her how to vote, she would do so. That being said, I would not. Even if we disagreed. Just because she’s under my authority, I run my life according to my morals and ethics. Every citizen in the US gets a say in the political process, even if I don’t agree with them, that’s how I was raised and what I believe in. Now she might have to listen to a lot of counter arguments *chuckle* but at the end of the day, she has a voice and it’s important for her to have that voice, as a human being that I respect.

I’m reminded of a funny story. Angie was a board member of the LRA Chicago – a BDSM/kink club/dungeon. I had set her on the path of service to our community and this is how she chose to do it. She and I would disagree on a number of things, but at the end of the day, I knew she would represent me well and more importantly, she would work to her heart and what she believed in. I put my collar on her because that heart and those beliefs are in line, even if we didn’t agree on how to get to that point – it was her job, she had to live with her decisions. “If you don’t listen, you feel.” as my gramma used to say. Sometimes I was right, sometimes she was… anyway, one of the men on the board who is also in an M/s relationship as Master was talking to angie and was shocked to hear that I did not tell her how to vote! “I just assumed that he told you what to say or how to vote.” Apparently the look on his face was damn funny. It’s not the first time that someone has assumed that because we are very passionate about our M/s, that we subscribe to the myth of “slaves are mere mouthpieces of Masters.”

Her voice was important. Her voice is always in line with mine, whether through direction (in many ways) or in her being true to her heart and soul, which I hold in value.

And as to how I (and we) feel about the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision…



(taken from here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102437293635893&set=a.657500791063.2285938.8202164&type=1 )

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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