[M/s 365] Answers for “Ask Us Anything” in June

Yay, a question!  Thank you very much for asking.

Master Michael and slave angie –  Is there or has there ever been a time while at competition and/or events that Y/you don’t feel quite “on”(together or separately)… and if so how do Y/you deal with it in an effectively?

zen-stones-13911038598UDslave angie: For sake of answering i would interpret feeling “on” as being ready or into the social situation that is going on together. For Master and i that can mean many things like speaking on stage, being prepared to teach a class or simply being present and representing IMs at events and contests. There have been times where we have been at very different places of comfort or what we call mis-cueing off each other. For me in these times i have to focus and shut out all else to make sure i am focused on giving Master what he needs for support and bring my head back around to what is important. Refocusing is important and taking the time to take a step back together lets us come together. There are time also when it’s the proverbial “Go time” to get something done and what is happening needs to be set aside for a while to get through. Make sure to come back to the issues and not let them sit.

Master Michael: The miscues that slave angie talks about, feel to me like we’re “out of alignment” or not marching quite in step. I believe it happens because one or the other of us aren’t communicating (or communicating effectively), or an outside stress (like travel can be) or we simply are just having a bad day.  One of the hardest things for me to do, especially if we’re under pressure of a schedule, is to stop and take a moment and listen. Some days I’m better at it than others. When we “hear” each other, when we speak from our hearts and the real thing going on, rather than speaking from the symptoms (like out of anger or frustration), that’s when we deal with it most effectively.


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