[M/s 365] The difficult discussions

slave angie: Master and i finished updating our wills today, With as much travel as we do together Master felt it important to make sure everything is as it should be. For me having lost a partner this is a task i know needs done and it brings Master peace of mind but i can’t seem to help wanting to cry through the whole process. Ultimately i know the decisions are His, just glad to be finally done with it.


Master Michael: Financial planning is never sexy, never hot, but one of the most necessary tasks for anyone in a relationship where lives, finances and property has been intermingled. Between wills, power of attorneys and living wills/health directives. It doesn’t take that long to do, it’s easy enough to find witnesses and to get them notarized and easy enough to find “DIY” kits for your state. My slave’s long term welfare is my responsibility.

Are you and your slave taken care of, should something happen? Don’t let chance or probate make those decisions for you.



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