[M/s 365] bits and pieces of drop

There are days still it can be a struggle to hold onto the reality of emotions when all things seem to fly by at the speed of light. It’s important to me to hold onto my heart and who i am inside as well as slave and title holder. It’s just so easy to set aside yourself but then what …
was going to say you should write in blog about having a bit of blues and us… or your thoughts about last night…
i’ve been trying to piece it together all day but it’s like writing about something you know is not the reality, how do you define ghosts in your head
how do I define them? like irrational thoughts?
or like things that are like inner bad voices?
I would write about them and explain that I know these are just inner thoughts that are doubts or things that I wrestle with .. phantoms or like you say, ghosts
yeah, i know what you mean but i mean i don’t know what this “is”
Sometimes i feel like maybe i’m losing myself to th M/s and the title
But i know that’s not true, struggling in servitude gets so confusing inside sometimes

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