[M/s 365] Downtime

slave angie: One of the houses favorite dishes is now in the oven and the day at home has been productive. We had a chance to really slow ourselves down and get some things done around home. I love when i have the opportunities to cook and just take care of things that have been shoved aside for later.



Master Michael: Having a down weekend has been a very rare occurrence in our house for sometime now… really since April. It was so weird to not have anything to do. We did excuse ourselves from a couple of local events – a PrEP talk and a last smoker at the Blue Havana. But, “self care is sexy” and this was just pure self care to take care of some house things, to enjoy a beer and cigar on the back porch, to have the grandkids run around us and just take deep breaths and relax. We have a crazy rest of the year planned, so these moments are few and far between.

M/s relationships are just that – relationships – and if we don’t have those simple moments of just being ourselves, it becomes very tough to have those on moments. We have a get-away weekend planned for next weekend, hopefully one where we can have some M/s high protocol time, but then again, maybe we’ll take advantage of just being in the moment and enjoying the quiet before we jump back into traveling again.


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