[M/s 365] His collar

On the anniversary of tenth year being His slave Master gave me a new collar. In a simple ceremony of blood and wax we rededicated ourselves to the journey together as Master and slave.

This collar was different from the  previous “discrete” day collar i had worn until then. Somehow in my mind  it advertised slave as if it was written on my forehead. Now i know this isn’t exactly the case, but some would know what it meant. I am happily His for 10+ years but this changed the mindset of being out with who we were.  There are times i wonder if someone knew would they treat me differently in certain daily situations. Would i be discounted  in the counselors office, the school, at the doctors ? What would their prejudices be ? I’ll probably really never know but to have the strength to set those thoughts aside took some practice and truly settling into the day to day of being slave.


The funny part of all of this is that the collar is steel. I am not permitted to take it off going through the TSA security check at the airport. We build in a little extra time and Master gets a smirky yaya every single time i get the pat down. *sigh*

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