[M/s 365] We Ask YOU – Ask Us Anything, late-July Edition…

Well, that’s embarrassing – end of July just sailed on by and we forgot about the “Ask Us Anything” post for July… so here it is, but with a twist – we’re going to ask YOU, our readers, a couple of questions. 

But first, like the other “AUA”‘s… 

So ask away! Anything about our past month, or something we’ve written about, or something you’re just curious about?


However… we’d like to ask YOU…

– How are we doing? We have heard from people who are reading us, but we don’t get so many comments (which to a blogger, can feel a little … troubling, like we’re not writing well?) so, we’ll just ask – are we doing OK? Does this help any? 

– While we’re going to keep writing about the awesome, the good, the bad and the ugly, are there things that you’d like to know? Things that we could share that would help you?

Let us know, please. 

Thank you for sharing July with us. Even though it felt like July was only 3 days long…


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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

6 thoughts on “[M/s 365] We Ask YOU – Ask Us Anything, late-July Edition…”

  1. yes your blogs do help but also raise questions , being a newbie with a new dom/daddy too these things happen to many im sure . my question is as follows to either master michael or slave angie , you speak alot about reconecting with each other , what does this for you mean , in actions etc , if not too personal? As an already married and established couple coming late in life into the lifestyle it can be hard to find information that helps as most is aimed at single people it seems. Also many speak of the feeling of safety in their partners arms , how should this feel? Sorry if these questions seem odd but i find though i trust always that he would never abuse the relationship sometimes we are out of synic , me so more than he as i have a very inquisitive nature. Thank you for taking the time to read this .


      1. yes thank you it helped alot , it made me see that the reconection is already done but we never saw it as that , as for the out of sync that is mainly due to my depressive /insecure tendencies of which we are both working very hard to help. i beleive time living the lifestyle and as Daddy says a little less trying to be more than i need to be for him will correct this.


  2. Doing a fine job. I may catch up irregularly, but it’s not because you aren’t getting the message out. I’ve never seen better kinky social media carpet-bombing. Have you addressed negotiating theoretical poly? Your profile online has the common statement, “not seeking to add to the relationship, but if a billion stars aligned, we’ll go with what the universe says.” Maybe it’s not common in those exact words, but that sentiment is — the polite nod to a nonzero probability. Does that mean that you have interest, but not enough to do the work (fair enough!), or does it meant that you do have a little interest, but are content to wait for being shocked into more, or what? I see lots of, “we discussed the possibility of a third” type phrasing from slaves online, and I’m always left wondering what that meant — was it a guardedly-ventured topic, quickly abandoned? A set of criteria that’s still theoretically in play all the time? An acknowledged goal, but not a priority?


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