[M/s 365] Processing in 3… 2… 1…

Home from Great Lake Leather Alliance weekend. Somehow Master and I together have managed to unpack all the cases and begun to get ready to prep and turn around to fly out already on this coming Thursday. We love our windshield time and this one was perfect. i don’t think either of us expected the drop and overwhelming feeling of stepping down from the GLLA regional M/s title while still holding International title.

Very much this weekend was about how connected to our Master/slave life we are on a day to day basis even if we do not realize it. Sometimes you just do not notice how ingrained (in a amazing way) this has become in our life.

I’m still amazed how much i can reach inside and discover in myself and discover there is more to give and surrender. There were so many thing i had wished for Master in the begining for Him the i have come to see the growth in Him as well. my heart is so full right now, this is going to take a little while.

And now begins the processing and chewing on it all.


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