[M/s 365] While Master’s away the slave will …..

Write the blog posts for this weekend. Contrary to Master’s thoughts i am not crying my eyes out about having to write it. Maybe that will be tomorrow. Although Master writes the majority of the time, he’s really good at it, it’s still is a struggle for me to get my thoughts and ideas down here. It’s not so much that i can’t but more so one more thing on my plate that gets shoved off to the side and finished if there is room in the day. There never seems to be though.


Master and i would go back and forth on trying to get me to write these posts. Sometimes it was downright painful. The thing is i love to write. In college i took English Composition and pulled strait A’s and loved it, i miss it. But blogger i am not so much. Here is the thing, my skill set does not allign for it and it’s ok, i do the best i can ans Master is come around about that. My skill is creative writing. I’m dang good at it if i ever get a chance i will finish the book i started.to accomplish

It’s ok for a slave to try to the best of their ability to accomplish a task outside of their personal skills. At the end of the day if i have served with all my heart it’s not the perfection of the outcome of the task that matters most.

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