[M/s 365] The halfway point of our M/s 365

Welcome to September 15th, which is a little over halfway in our M/s 365 year. We started on March 9th and we’ll end on March 15th of next year, the day after we step-aside as International Master/slave and let someone else have the hot potato, I mean, let someone else take the mantle. (Yea.. that’s it.. take the mantle…)

slave angie:

Along this journey in the past six months i had few expectations and mostly the feeling of a wide open road. The goals i had hope to strive for were three:

1) Devote my time and efforts to the best of my abilities to make sure Master was supported and we were a team in lock step. It’s not always easy but at the end of the day brings the best rewards.

2) Remember my place as a title holder of being a student chosen to learn the lessons needed to serve the M/s community.

3) Reach out to others looking for support so they are not alone.

Every day i try a little harder to uphold these goals.


Master Michael:

It’s been a pretty interesting experience, having to write daily in a blog about our relationship for a year. Together with you, our wonderful readers, we’ve traveled across the country and Atlantic, we’ve had some rough moments where things were tough to get through, we’ve struggled with some things as a result of the travel and schedule, we’ve made some wonderful discoveries and we continue to grow and learn. In other words, what we (angie and I) expected to have happen.

I think the thing in the past six months that stands out, to me, has been how much we continue to grow and learn. When we started out to become titleholders, we were told that the experience of going through the process was going to give us growth opportunities. I wasn’t sure what to expect afterwards, aside from a whirlwind schedule (and that’s been true!) but the growth hasn’t slowed down. It’s been in different areas, a lot more internally for me than I expected. It’s been good though. We will never be the same people we were coming into this experience.


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