[M/s 365] Struggling this week

It’s been a rough week for both of us.


slave angie:

Family stress has hit again and made the travel last weekend very difficult to manage on top a long drive each way and quick turn around. No downtime for the week for recovery as i’m last minute prepping to be ready for SEEK this weekend, This trip means a lot to me in the goals i had hoped for: to reach other slaves and submissives with camaraderie and support of each other. It all comes with sacrifices of missing family time and missing out on events of friends i really wish i could be there for.

Master Michael

It’s been a tough week for sleep and fatigue, not sure if we’re still recovering from the weekend, or the change in weather, or both — or my inner Bear is recognizing what has been typically the start of hibernation season.

I’m struggling with an odd Aspie day – went to training and almost immediately felt like I had a bucket the size of a shot glass. I knew how to work with it, and manage myself and my participation so that I didn’t overload myself. It was just unexpected and unwelcome. I managed and by lunch, I was feeling better, but then a self-assessment exercise left me feeling pretty low about myself and my abilities in my job. I spoke privately with the teacher, spoke about my disorder and we worked on how I could use the materials from the training even with my ASD. It helped that she has some experience with dealing with people with ASD.

But we get through this together, supporting each other.

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