[M/s 365] Applying leadership models to the M/s dymamic

My company sent me away for a couple of days to be trained on something called Situational Leadership. According to Wikipedia:

The situational leadership theory,is a leadership theory developed by Paul Hersey, professor and author of the book Situational Leader, and Ken Blanchard, leadership guru and author of The One Minute Manager, while working on the first edition of Management of Organizational Behavior (now in its 10th edition).

The model isn’t important to this post as much as just the concept of taking various leadership models and applying them to M/s. It occurred to me during this class that there are a lot of books and examples of the framework of the household and framework of the relationship structure, but not really any that come to mind that promote a discussion of the framework of how authority and leadership are exercised. That sounds like something interesting to dive into.

Probably most typical that people think with regards to M/s and leadership is the models seen in erotica – typically “Master commands, slave jumps to it” type of interactions. Very little on the day to day interactions and how authority/surrender is established, maintained and applied – or the philosophy behind the approach of the “how” of leadership. A browse of the Wikipedia “Leadership” category shows that there are a lot of theories and models that one could look to. Like any other personal, self-help theory, I’m sure that one has to try several on before they find something (or a cross section of somethings) that fits.

In looking at the Situational Leadership II theory, I could see very real applications to how I interact with slave angie, alone. Just being aware of these models and the ways they can help me improve how I lead is a big plus.

Now I’m going to start digging through more books and see if I can find clues on how other Masters and slaves have explored models of leadership. As if I have enough time to work through the huge backlog of books I already have. Good thing I’m a speedreader.


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