[M/s 365] Lessons from S.E.E.K retreat

After having some time to process it seems like time is just flying by me these days. It’s so hard when i’m trying to get my thoughts down from one event to the next. So i try. This past weekend i had attended the S.E.E.K submissives retreat. I had an amazing time and the surroundings were beautiful. Only one brief moment late saturday night i had gotten homesick. But that’s an always thing for me and i lived.



First lesson– Culture plays a role in how we feel a sense of belonging. From commonalities to terminology it differs. The Leather slave, Fetlife, or munch & dungeon going and even title holders. We seem to have differences in where we feel a preference to relate and feel our bonding.  For instance this came up recently, i was asked to wear “formal” to serve at a diner. To a leatherwoman what does that mean ? I’m pretty positive to the group i will be attending our definition is not the same. So this past weekend we set all other things aside to come together on the same grounds and share our experiences, joys and sorrows in this journey as slaves & submissives

Second lesson – No matter how much time i have in the game i feel a sense of awe in the newcomers and less experienced. I take inspiration from them just as much. To see the doors are wide open for them is so exciting and joyous,

Third lesson –  I need these kinds of connections more often to reassure myself and not feel so alone in an ocean, Not sure how the is going to work but i’m going to take them every chance i get.



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