[M/s 365] Another issue/solution in real time

pocket-watchFollowing on the heels of “So Why is it Always About Chores”, I was doing it again. Focusing on tasks and getting frustrated. And realized after we were talking about things that this discussion requires going back to the foundation – what is it that I want? What is it that fulfills us? Because this isn’t just about getting the floors swept and the grandkids bundled up for school. It’s about how we look at our house and ourselves. It is about what makes us say “This was a good day. I made a difference today” when we go to bed at night.

It is not easy to take a step back and say “OK, let’s go back to the main reason, the goals, the vision” but that is sometimes required.

And when these glitches happen that show that maybe we need to work on an area, like it seems here, to reconnect with the vision or find a new vision, or ensure we’re both on the same page… it’s an opportunity, not a failure. The failure would be to ignore this, or to stay on the surface and deal with symptoms.

More to come as we work through this…

Edited to add – and it should be clear that I believe this to be mainly my issue to work through… to make sure we’re level-set on my expectations and her abilities and what is needed for her to meet those expectations, or for me to understand if those expectations are unrealistic.

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