[M/s 365] Our “M/s’y” day…


What exciting lives we lead!


slave:  waking up, if granddaughters are here, getting them out to school, getting Master to work, getting rolling with the day.
Master: getting up, getting granddaughters started on waking up, coffee, taking care of morning correspondence, dealing with any chores that have to get started – like laundry, hauling the carcass to work

During the day:

Checking in with each other – how are the slave’s spoons – what’s going on with the day and anything we need to let each other know. Make sure Cozi is up to date.

Master: Work and taking care of correspondence, planning, blogging, social media, class prep during breaks and lunch.
slave: Checking the email & Cozi list Master has prioritized, and start the day from there. Chores or errands. Get kids from bus and off to dance or other various activities.


slave: Dinner, granddaughter wind down if they’re with us, finish up on chores, relax, take care of Master
Master: Help with or cook dinner, help with putting kids to bed, things that need to be done around the house in the evening, if slave ran out of spoons due to fatigue from lupus – get done with any essential tasks left, relax a bit. (heh, 10 minutes before bed)

SLEEP! Or sex then sleep.

Exciting, right? *yawn* I know… might seem like a boring day.

Interwoven through all that is the yin and yang of how decisions are made, how we support each other, how slave serves Master, how Master serves the Family, how through this, we have our moments where we find that sweet spot of harmony and peace.

Usually, with as many external things we’re involved in, or we’re responsible for, something will come up and we have to flex, adjust – it would probably not be the type of situation for someone that needs a consistent steady pace exactly the same, day after day. (Master: I still wonder how I manage to adapt, being Aspie and all…) But we make it work.



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