[M/s 365] Competent Slaves

I read this post the other day and had to chuckle, because it sounds all too familiar to our household at a time or two. Go ahead and read it, seriously. It’s OK, I’ll wait. (http://wildwestangel.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/submissive-plumbing/)


I’ve mentioned in an earlier post (A slave’s voice) about something I learned from a very wise, very well-regarded Master within the M/s community – Master Steve Sampson. I’m paraphrasing from memory – he said this about slaves and their capabilities:

“Slaves are usually far more capable, more intelligent, more trained and degreed than I am. They are complete and capable people in all ways, and but for one thing they lack… that hole in their heart that finding and surrendering to the right Master will fill.”

I’ve come, with maturity and experience, to realize that what Master Sampson said is very true.  I look around at the slaves I know from MAsT, from our travels, from the ones I know in person and these are extremely competent, smart individuals. I look no further than my own slave and I see someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience – AND SHE’S PUT IT INTO SERVICE FOR ME!

Now if that doesn’t just rub the cockles of your Master’s heart, to contemplate the wonderful avenues of that fact, well… I can’t help you there.

At the same time, it’s that whole trust thing. The more I came to trust slave angie, the more I came to let her see and feel that I trust and value her, the more she lets it shine. And why wouldn’t I want this? If the pursuit of M/s entails a fulfillment of an erotic desire to be of service, then the logical outcome is to promote a slave to use and improve their natural skills and abilities. To their fullest, for your benefit (and ultimately theirs.)

There are, though, those times when dammit, I want what I want, I’m going to do it my own way and she’s just going to have to stand back, shut up, and watch. And yes, probably unfairly have to help me fix the mess I made, but sometimes that’s just the part of service where the whole “equitable” thing comes in. Although I imagine the equitable part is hearing “OK, you were right…” because that doesn’t lessen me to admit that yup, I’m human, I wanted what I wanted, and it just didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. It just means she understands her value and my leadership. Even when she’s cleaning up my mess.

It hasn’t ever been this bad… at least from my perspective. 🙂

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

3 thoughts on “[M/s 365] Competent Slaves”

  1. I laughed so much at your post! Many times, my D allows me to take care of things, but those times when he wants to do it HIS way…..well, I think of them as great bonding opportunities for us.

    I’m honored that you shared my silly sub experience, and delighted to hear another Dominant’s voice sharing your side of the journey.


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