[M/s 365] Oh crap the post …

ok so at 10:22am this morning this happens :

Michael S-Chgo – may need you to write today’s blog post.
in fact, take off “may”.
I’m warning you now so you can start to draft and noodle now to have something by eod.
s. angie – yes Master
Michael S-Chgo – that never gets old. “yes Master”
s. angie –  🙂
Then my day happens which looks like this :
 In all honesty all the work while crying is happening…
… but my thoughts at the moment are about the questions that came from our Denver visit. ” Are our wills aligned?” Am i aligned in my surrender to Master and what does that even mean or look like? It’s been a long time since i’ve had a new piece of brain gum to wax poetic about my slave heart. I hope for this to be a better and more thought out concret post by the end of the week.

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