[M/s 365] A new dinner protocol

So… picture this. Adult kids and young grandkids are circling the table, running around, “Gramma this!” and “Papa that!” and just general ruckus and finally, Papa had to bear roar and get them all to sit down. Paper plates of spaghetti and a special dessert treat. Milk, cider and water. It was just one of those quick dinners because exhausted grandparents.

So we’re eating, and I’m mildly amused by how the plates were tossed on the table, thinking about a wonderful high protocol dinner we attended recently and how wonderful it was. Everything went off so smoothly and in order. Nary a major glitch or faux pas.

So then one of the grandkids chirps up and starts talking about how we’re doing “fancy dinner” right now (because to an 8 year old and 4 year old, any dinner at the table is now considered “fancy dinner”… especially when wearing dress up clothes.)

I look at angie.

Me: So I missed the high protocol that needs to happen at fancy dinner! Where are the servants? The white tablecloth? The place settings?

Angie: This is kids protocol.

Me: Ah, where the plates are tossed at you and chaos reigns.

So there you have it… for your next high protocol dinner, use kids protocol and sling those paper plates!


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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

9 thoughts on “[M/s 365] A new dinner protocol”

    1. Yep, pretty much – they both have shown … interesting behavior already… and we are not out to them, except by them carefully watching us.

      True story – my slave and oldest granddaughter (8) were out at a restaurant. Now we have manners we use at the table, where we wait till everyone is served and sitting before we start. So usually the kids are impatient and asking “can we start?” even though we’re not all sitting. Although the kids may start, angie will wait till I’m seated and take a bite, or I tell her “you may” in a low voice.

      Apparently not low enough, because at the restaurant, the waitress serves angie and my granddaughter. The granddaughter takes a spoon, looks imperiously at slave angie and says “You may” and goes about her meal. We are still cracking up about that one!

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      1. Lololol!!! That is hilarious. My youngest son has now taken to opening my car soor and assisting me out of the car. I’m not supposed to get out until my D gets me but we are flumoxed by this new behavior by our son, so I am to get out if he opens my door. He also has been giving my food orders at restraunts if his dad isn’t present. It is so funny to see the things they pick up on.


      2. Our son did similar.. and accused me (in a roundabout way) of being quote – “pussy whipped” – endquote because I held doors open. We laughed our butts off on that one… he learned later as an adult what that was really about.

        The coda to this is that he would hold the doors for his girlfriends and mimic a lot of the other manners and respect I show to angie – not knowing the underlying dynamics. 🙂


      3. Does he know now? I see our youngest following right in his dad’s footsteps. I wonder how long before the incredible intellect of his directs him to draw some very accurate conclusions. Hoping I don’t get cornered with that conversation.


      4. Yes, he does. We let him ask the questions. It started with the colors of our Leather Club, he’d see them hanging on a chair before we could put them away. Or he would hear things. He thought it was a biker thing. He also saw our titleholder vests at one point and with the words “Master” and “slave” on them, kinda hard to miss. So he asked questions, we answered. It was about this same time that he came out and started transitioning to a woman. Since, she’s marched with us in the Chicago Pride Parade and we’ve put her in touch with Chicago’s trans/queer community so she can get support and help as she figures her way forward. I’m really proud of her.


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