[M/s 365] Plaster repair is sexy


slave angie: After a day of shopping for painting and home repair supplies it’s finally going to happen, We’ve waited a long time and put off home repairs and sprucing up for awhile but both agreed it’s time to re’fall in love with our home again. Master and i both share a love working together to make home nice.  Our home shows our togetherness as much as our actions do.

Master Michael: I love seeing the excitement on slave angie’s face today as we started getting supplies for the living room repaint. She gets to talking and thinking so fast when we’re at Home Depot that I can’t keep up! Tonight, she showed me how to apply the dry wall setting joint compound to the seriously cracked and damaged plaster, and I showed her how to mix the compound. Learning from each other.

slave angie: I always feel a bit more centered and life in order when home looks nice, Christmas season is a difficult time for me and give me the blues a bit. To spend time with Master side by side makes my heart happy.

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