[M/s 365] Describing Our Relationship Part 2 – Other Relationships, Service


Lady Elsa, part of the International Power Exchange Couple 2012, asked a series of questions last month for potential contest/title candidates to ask of themselves. They are great questions to ask of a Power Dynamic relationship in general, whether you are running for a title, or considering how you want your relationship to develop, or you’ve come to a place where you feel stuck, or unsure of what you’re doing. I wish I could find them on Facebook or a more public venue, but she posted them on Fetlife.

So here’s the next two questions and the answers for our relationship. Over the coming days, as we might have slow days, I’ll answer the rest. Here are the previous questions/answers: (1-2)

Level 3: Other Relationships. Who decides in what ways each of you will be allowed to interact with other people, as friends, sex partners, lovers, or family? Note that it may be different for each of those types of relationships.

Well, I sat down and wrote quite a bit about this very question – poured my heart out. Only for WordPress to “eat” the draft. I’m finding coming back to this, I feel almost reluctant to go down the road of the details I had just written. So, for right now, I’m answering this straight up – I decide in all areas – but with a great deal of input from slave angie. One of the things I strive for is harmony in my house. My decisions affect all of us in the house, and I don’t lead in a vacuum.

As far as family goes, while I have given angie a great deal of latitude in this area, I have made the hard decision at a time that limited her from her daughter. This was not an easy thing to do, and it had ramifications. It was done for the safety of the house and for the people I’m responsible for. At the same time, it was painful. Life’s not always easy or pretty but angie followed me, trusted me and the situation did come to a resolution.

For other people in our lives, there’s a kink wrapped around that as well as our own interests. At the end of the day, she trusts me and follows my lead. I’m not looking for multiple slaves. If a trillion stars line up and the mythical really pink/really rare unicorn lands in our lap, we’ll see. But it’s not something we pursue.

Level 4: Service. Who is in service to whom, in what ways, and for what purposes?

Angie is in service to me, in all ways. I’m in service to the relationship and my house. I’ve written about Master’s being in service here.

Angie’s purpose in being in service to me is to make my life easier and more complete. My purpose to being in service to the relationship is the ethical leadership of those I’m responsible for.

On a day to day basis, she’s obedient to me and what I want to get accomplished. There are daily goals and longer term goals. There are the tasks that need to get done, and those that we’ve taken on.

This week, we are crowdsourcing for presentation ideas! We want to know what you want to learn. For more information, or to make a suggestion, please go here: https://ourmasterslavejourney.info/2014/11/10/tell-us-what-is-needed-crowdsourcing-new-presentations/

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