[M/s 365] Describing Our Relationship – Part 3 – Protocol, Rituals and D/s Enhancers


Lady Elsa, part of the International Power Exchange Couple 2012, asked a series of questions last month for potential contest/title candidates to ask of themselves. They are great questions to ask of a Power Dynamic relationship in general, whether you are running for a title, or considering how you want your relationship to develop, or you’ve come to a place where you feel stuck, or unsure of what you’re doing. I wish I could find them on Facebook or a more public venue, but she posted them on Fetlife.

So here’s the next two questions and the answers for our relationship. Over the coming days, as we might have slow days, I’ll answer the rest. Here are the previous questions/answers: (1-2) (3-4)

Level 5: Protocols and Rituals. Does your relationship include any ongoing rituals or protocols that are designed to help one or both of you remain mindful of the relationship dynamics that you have agreed to practice? What are they, and what are their purposes?

We have protocols and rituals that we do throughout the day. Slave angie has mantras or affirmations that she’ll say to herself throughout the day, as needed. We have different ways of interacting based on who is in the house. We have rituals to help connect during tough times, mainly just touch or position – hands to hearts, or her at my knee or feet. We have an affirmation ritual we use to anchor ourselves. All of these serve to help bring our roles and our love and passion of those roles to the surface, if just for a moment.

Overall, my level of protocol is low at most times. Most people would probably just take us for two very close, respectful people, unless they watch very closely.

Level 6: Other D/s Experiences. Besides regular protocols and rituals, what other activities that enhance the power exchange do you participate in together at least occasionally? Explain what, and when, and who decides when they begin and end.

Our S/m reinforces and feeds our M/s dynamic. We are always grateful for the time to get to do so, as that is usually the first thing to suffer when we’re crunched for time. The S/m for us is both physical and spiritual, so it begins and ends as I feel it needs to, but that is such a shallow explanation for the fluid energy and dance that goes on when we really get into feeding our souls.

Attending MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) meetings, or going to events where we can be in our M/s “event bubble” is another way that enhances our power exchange. Or going away for a weekend where we can be alone and go into high protocol. Or attending high protocol events like dinners, teas or other events.

The most simple thing we do that enhances our M/s dynamic is our opportunities to really talk – our coffee dates, or windshield times. Nothing cures an ebb or gives us new energy like being able to really talk.

This week, we are crowdsourcing for presentation ideas! We want to know what you want to learn. For more information, or to make a suggestion, please go here: https://ourmasterslavejourney.info/2014/11/10/tell-us-what-is-needed-crowdsourcing-new-presentations/

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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