[M/s 365] This is not a post

This is the post slave writes when Master is dead dog tired from working all day and coming home to lay another coat of primer and more plaster repair on the walls. Which by the way, is going to be truly amazing when it’s done.


I’m not used to doing much of this blogging, as i’m not the verbose one *grin* Love you Master. So usually i do not give much thought throughout the day of what to write. But this is what i do when Master looks at me and says “Dam, I forgot about the post, you do it” at 8:15 and heads off to bed. The first gut reaction i have is “Oh dang, a post? Really? A post after i’m just finishing all of XY&Z and now this ?” Yes, really. I sit my tired butt quietly down to the computer and hammer out a couple of words because … I would move mountains for Master if that was the task because just simply I am His slave and this is what i do. For all the (internal) bitching i might do it’s all worth when he is pleased and i have served in devotion.

One thought on “[M/s 365] This is not a post”

  1. … and I am very pleased with you, slave. Thank you. ❤ The same is true in reverse, you are Mine and there is nothing I won't do to make sure that you have as good of life as I can provide for someone who's given me everything.


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