[M/s 365] Not so 365, But Always 365

1081-1262536827vxcPThe “A post a day” routine has become very hard to maintain, especially with the holidays merging with travel, merging with leather and club events, merging with MAsT events and still the usual to maintain – house, job, grandkids, life. One day moves into the next, and soon you have a year almost over, but a year of so many good things, things that we’ll remember for a lifetime.

This past weekend, we traveled to New York and visited with the Central New Jersey MAsT chapter. Very interactive presentation on “ebbs and flows” from people who truly live what we live and face what we face. The social time afterwards was a mix of overcoming my Aspie shyness and feeling at home with people like me. If there’s one skill I’ve definitely sharpened this title year, it’s been to be able to get over my shyness and come out of my shell, and not have to “fake it till I make it.”

We weren’t able to attend the Metro NYC MAsT chapter’s party, JetBlue decided to reschedule our flight 2 hours earlier. We had a very slow, sit around Sunday and strangely enough, I started getting very homesick. Maybe it was being in such a warm, welcoming space in our friend’s home, opening up their apartment to us to use. Slave angie and I played some Dungeons & Dragons (yes, we play, a solo game that I ran for her a few years ago, and we’ve recently picked back up.) and eventually headed home.

Home. The living room remodeling, the getting back into gaming, the unpacking of the minuatures, the assembling of new furniture for the living room – all of those things are making me feel very grounded in this little circle of angie and I. A sense of the familiar, of the things I love to do as pastimes, it’s helping to fill a bit of a void right now.

Transitions are hard for me. When I transitioned from a way of life prior to getting super involved in leather, M/s and the titleholding and presenting, it was tough. It left me feeling a bit lost and I switched jobs at that same time, so everything felt up in the air. Right now, I think there’s a little bit of that going on. While we have three months left of representing our title, I see the homestretch and the final goal. Of saying “we did the best we could, we went out and shared who we are with as many people as we could” and feeling that we probably could not have done any more than we’re already doing.

So that probably all has contributed to the lack of posting. And yet, with all those things, I’m using a little inspiration to keep me grounded in M/s and leather too… we have a weekend coming up of fundraising at a leather bar that we’re helping with, the Chicago MAsT chapters are meeting in a joint meeting on Domestic Violence, we have another fundraiser that we’re attending and then our leather club’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday – and I know next year I’ll be getting back into the flow of keeping the club going and growing.

I’ve also been reading Laura Antoniou’s new book “The Inheritor” which is the newest chapter in her Marketplace series. It’s not out until February, but she had a Kickstarter recently and one of the perks is getting it early as an e-Book. It’s really good, and it’s been poking me in strange ways, and I’ve been feeling motivated to push through the crud and really enjoy myself. Angie’s got a few cane stripes and a bit more of a firm hand on the leash the past few days as a result. I’ll take the motivation and assistance to get past my natural winter hibernation.

And, on the horizon, I’ve received a request for something I’ve not considered in the past 11 years.

Speaking of which, I’ll close this long missive and say this to slave angie – “Happy Anniversary. While it’s been 9 years of marriage, it’s been 11 years of ownership and it’s been a lifetime, one day at a time, for us.”

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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