[M/s 365] The week that was…


It’s been a week. A weekend of running around to 4 events. Wonderful events, wonderful ways of connecting with our Chicago leather family. A family that, in my words, “I’d open my home up, give money to, let them stay at our house, help them out. Only a few. My leather club. My closest M/s friends. But yes, I would do these things for them.” It was very … what’s the fancy word? Convivial? Yes, that and fulfilling.

That and watching someone bravely face the subject of Domestic Violence at our MAsT meeting on Saturday. It was a small, but good meeting. With the take-away that while we can continue to educate and speak out/up as much as possible about what is the right thing to do/right way to act, at the end of the day, we can only take care of the ones who want to be helped, and the ones who we have in our circles. And we must not fail in that, and we must not feel guilty that not all who are lost will be saved – but to do what we can, as much as we can, with what we have. Tough subject.

One that I’ve seen affect M/s communities world-wide. And close to home here in Chicago.

Saturday night and Sunday were wonderful leather events and club meetings and all the things…

Our M/s is multifaceted and it’s good to remember that and to be involved in the different things. To remember and reconnect.

That’s been hard for me, especially, as the urge to hibernate is strong in me this year. Very strong. Further enhanced by the home remodeling, general clean-up and the transition to the home into a place of living. For the past few years, things have felt “transitory” – we’ve been on the road so much, that the home became the “place we unpack and repack” in… but now, we’re starting to clean up, clean out and reconfigure. The living room is done, and with the furniture and now the Christmas tree, it looks gorgeous. The Turkish stained glass lamp looks magical and it’s just turned into a warm room. We’re working on getting me a craft place so I can begin painting miniature figures again. We’re poking at ideas for the kitchen. I’m cleaning out a lot of garbage and crud.

That… and Skyrim. *sigh* I grew up on CRPGs (Computer role playing games) since the 1980s and the “Ultima” series of games. Skyrim is a CRPG that is very large, very detailed and what is called a “sandbox” game – meaning it’s not a linear series of steps of A-B-C-IWIN, but rather you can go to Z-T-B-N-M-SQUIRREL! and not run out of game to play. I love these sorts of games. MMORPGs (games like World of Warcraft) have never attracted me as much as single player games. Go figure… Aspie traits. Anyway, since 2011, when December and the hibernation instinct kicks in, I’ve dived into Skyrim and played almost obsessively. Last year, I held off pretty good… mainly because I was so focused on getting my/our shit together for the International Master/slave contest. This year… oh that instinct has roared back with a vengeance. Combine that with the home remodeling/nesting, with a general weariness from a wonderful year (that isn’t over yet – Jan/Feb are sneaking up…) and you have the perfect recipe for my Bear to kick in good. And it has.

So … all that combines for a very difficult time for me to blog about our M/s because right now it’s in a “steady state” mode. We’re doing the things we normally do – nothing big or special, just the connections and things to keep us going. We’ve had a tough week for the past few days with me undergoing medical tests requiring fasting and anesthesia. As well, our ADHD granddaughter who we are co-guardians for is having a very hard Holiday season stress attack and her behavior has been extremely bad. Which has made things tense and difficult. And angie’s health hasn’t been the greatest. So… steady state. About as much as can be expected, and that’s OK. Taking a rest is OK and indulging in hibernation is OK. As I’m fond of repeating Nick E’s phrase (Int’l Mr. Bootblack 2012, who did a LOT of traveling, and still does…) “Self care is sexy.” And so it is.

There are some fun things coming up in the near future… and I need to blog about new developments in being a Master to one slave and considering “short term service” from another. Mostly about my thoughts and approaches. And to talk quickly about “vetting”… because sometimes, telling someone how it was done and how it “should” be done, is the right thing to do.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

3 thoughts on “[M/s 365] The week that was…”

  1. I hope even went well with the testing, and the results are good. Stressed Aspies – especially the young ones – acting out is hard on the whole family, and the holiday season definitely seems to bring it on hard. You & yours are in our thoughts & prayers.


  2. Thought: Since you’re finding it a “difficult time for me to blog about our M/s”, it might be a good time to post an “Ask Us Anything” entry. Perhaps questions from your readers might allow you to share some brief thoughts or pass on suggested sources for further info to the M/s community. On the other hand, the questions might be such that you feel compelled to write/think extensively, which could prove an annoyance in your current pro-hibernation state…so maybe not. Just a thought. 🙂


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