[M/s 365] Rule #8 – Know when it’s time to STFU and get on your knees.


You can feel those moments, if you listen to yourself. Those moments when the cracks start to appear, when the words start to feel scratchy, when the energy isn’t flowing, but is feeling like nails on a chalkboard.

We started to have that the other night. Event drop, combined with two extremely odd events – someone pursuing slave Angie in a fit of road rage and some personal family news that was a bit distressing and brought up some past tragedies.

It was a moment that we both recognized and yet felt pulled towards — until I remembered Rule 8. Know when it’s time to STFU and get on your knees. So I reminded her of that rule and sent her to our room. She shut down her computer, made the coffee and went upstairs. I took deep breaths, sorted through my emotions and went up shortly after she had finished the evening preparations. Put her on her knees at my feet and we just breathed.

Centering. Grounding. We spoke a little, reconnected. I lit our candle and we breathed the soft soy vanilla scent and watched the flickering shadows in our room. The moment had receded and we were OK again. In sync.

The Masters that I know and admire all use this rule. To take that step back, to breathe. It can be very hard to put Rule 8 into action. Emotions get hot. We may become irrational. Worse, even out of control. You, Mr. or Mrs. Master, are not always right. The slave is not always wrong. And vice-versa – they could be VERY wrong. That’s not the point – right now. The point is the danger in the actions that could result from those unchecked emotions.

Control your own emotions and your reactions. STFU. Get your slave on their knees. Get back to the core and the essence of what it is that you stand for. They will feel it and you will feel it. Breathe. Be.

Published by

Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

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